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A fragrant mask experience
that’s just for you.

Imagine if every time you inhaled through your mask, you could have a fresh-smelling experience that’s all your own. Subtle yet long-lasting, Scentri™ products let you enhance your mask-wearing experience to suit your mood.

Stickers Blue.png
Stickers Blue.png
Blue 1.png

Apply these long-lasting scented stickers to the inside of any mask to enjoy a subtly fresh smell with each inhale.

Stickers green 2.png
Stickers green 2.png
Green 1.png
New heart.png

Clinically tested

Proven to safely provide mood-enhancing subtle scents.


Environmentally safe

Eco-friendly printing on biodegradable paper.


Charitably focused

A portion of all proceeds goes to support Kids In Need Foundation (

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