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More and more of us are wearing a mask for hours on end as we travel or work. Now there’s a simple and convenient way to make that time a little more enjoyable. Scentri™ Rounds are small, scented stickers that you can easily apply to the inside of any mask for a long-lasting and fresh-smelling experience that can even help improve your mood.

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Works with any mask

No matter what type of mask or face covering you use, Scentri™ Rounds are easy to apply, use, and replace.

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Enhances your mood

Bring a little fun, relaxation, and/or excitement to your mask-wearing with the interchangeable scents of Scentri™ Rounds.

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Long-lasting scent

Scentri™ Rounds are specially formulated with patent-pending scents that last a long time, able to stay with you during those long hours of mask-wearing.

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Unwind and feel at ease as you enjoy our calming “Relaxing” scent


Stimulate your senses with every breath with our “Invigorating” scent

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